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Up-and-Comer: Parker Mack Pulls Double Duty

YOUNG ENTERTAINMENT MAG: If you are a Chasing Life fan, you may already be familiar with young actor Parker Mack. On the ABC Family show, he plays Finn, a friend of Brenna’s who is suffering from cancer. You might also recognize Mack for his role as Sam Robertson in Divergent. And this fall, not only will Mack be gracing our screens on Chasing Life, but he’ll be pulling double duty on Monday nights when he joins the cast of MTV’s Faking It as Felix. For more on Felix and what’s to come this season on Faking It, check out this tease below.

Mack, a St. Louis native, is also an accomplished musician, playing piano and drums. Uh-oh, could Parker be somewhat of a double threat like Gossip Girl‘s Penn Badgely who went on to front indie darlings MOTHXR? Only time will tell what’s in store for Parker’s career, but right now you can get a double dose of him on Mondays in new episodes of both Chasing Life and Faking It.


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